Magnet Capital have recently completed their fourth project with a major developer in Norfolk.

This time they provided a loan of £1.3m to help fund the purchase of the site and the full build costs of the project. The 3 units are 5 bed properties averaging 2,800 sq. ft.

The developer BB noted, “From the first introduction to Magnet all the way through to exiting the facility on this first project has been very straightforward. Their flexible approach and ability to tailor their offering to what the client actually needs is key for property developers, something that is largely not offered by others. Terms are clear and easy to understand; correspondence is answered within a matter of hours usually.”

Ashley Ilsen, CEO of Magnet Capital, “Long term relationships are at the heart of our business and we’re always so pleased when we’re able to assist our clients through multiple successful projects. It’s the lifeblood of our business and just shows why we’ve succeeded in a space that the banks have failed in”.