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Given all the pessimism surrounding the current fractured state of politics in the UK, the underlying fact is that the Government needs to boost the supply of housing, not least affordable and social housing. In fact, all three, or is it now four, of the leading parties put increasing the stock of housing at the top of their agenda. There is a structural shortage of houses being built. The target is 300,000 plus and only 130,000 were build last year so at the more affordable end of the market there will always be demand. I am out at least once a week around the country visiting our clients and introducer partners and outside of London there is plenty of building taking place of the type of affordable houses that is so badly required. So there are significant opportunities for those brokers and lenders who have the experience and grey hairs to lend sensibly in an uncertain climate.

Magnet Capital’s focus is about how we infuse our traditional lending model, which is based on the premise that people do business with people with the efficiencies that modern technology can bring to the underwriting and administrative process. This ensures we deliver funds as seamlessly and as quickly as possible. We have put our money where our mouth is by having a dedicated inhouse resource, who focuses on proprietary systems to ensure we are automating the process where possible, without detracting from what Magnet Capital does best, personal lending. However, nothing beats pulling on the wellies and going to visit our clients on site.

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