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Your Development
Finance Partner

We are a principal lender of property development
finance across England and Wales.

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Our Values


We treat all our clients and partners as human beings rather than a number. This enables us to develop long-term relationships and assist our clients’ developments to reach their full potential.

Fast Response

We do not operate as a bank; we only lend our own funds which means that stage payments can be released within 24 hours of site inspection because we understand that timing is key when it comes to property development.

Business Focused

We aim to establish long term relationships with everyone we work with. Our job is to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Face To Face

We meet every client we work with face to face because we believe good working relationships can never be built over the phone or by email.


We lend funds for development finance only. Unlike other lenders, our sole focus on development finance reflects our deep level of knowledge and expertise.

We keep things as simple as possible.


Magnet Capital is a principal lender of development finance.


We help the relationship between you and your client.

How Does
It Work?

We keep things as simple as possible.

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