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January 2022

Magnet Capital target £60m of new development loans in 2022

By Blog, Development Finance, Lending

Specialist development finance lender Magnet Capital have today announced their 2022 target of £60m of small development finance loans. The North London based lender has grown consistently since their launch in 2018, and are now aiming for their biggest year yet. The lender recently announced the incoming of new staff to bolster both operations and sales sides of the business.

Magnet Capital Chief Executive Ashley Ilsen commented, “We’ve carved out a great niche in the specialist lending market, focussing on development finance loans below £2m. We’re still seeing this area as poorly served and still hear some concerning stories about the quality of lending practices in this part of the market. At Magnet Capital we put a tremendous emphasis on transparency and quality of service. This includes the ability to be genuinely flexible throughout the loan which is needed for development projects now more than even. Our ability to consistently deliver has put us in a fantastic position going into 2022”.

Magnet Capital have also recently launched a new website to help speed up the process of handling incoming enquiries.

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